Rapid Set

Our ready mix plaster is a fine quality Plaster of Paris mix specially made to give a superior finish to the interior walls. A premix single application plaster, it is made of calcium hemihydrate and additives are added to it to improve the performance and workability. Sakarni ready mix plaster works effectively on both even and uneven backgrounds, which means that this ready mix can be used for both fine surface finishing and thick base plastering as per the requirements.
  • Internal,External.
  • Low water/cement ratio.
  • Mechanical performance superior to those of portland cements.
  • High dimensional stability and long lasting performance.
  • Prolonged work ability both in the manual and mechanical laying.
  • Concrete walls and ceilings.‚Äč
  • clay brick walls.
  • concrete hollow brick walls.
  • AAC block walls.
  • cement block walls.
  • Coverage : approx 6-9 ltrs of water are needed for ideal mix.Adjust the water content depending on the site conditions.

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