Larsen Clean Tech Latex

Larsen Clean Tech Latex. Synthetic Butadiene Rubber Emulsion for waterproofing repairs it based on synthetic emulsion which provides good adhesion and water resistance to mortar /concrete.
  • Suitable old & new concrete bonding,water proofing screed concrete,waterproof slurry coating for repairing.
  • Conforms to IS:2645.
  • Easy to use.
  • Non toxic.
  • Inhibits crack formation due to increased flexibility.
  • Seals small capillaries as a water proofing material improves the mechanical & chemical resistance good binding property.
  • Material Description : ​Styrene butadiene liquid
  • Density : 1.020 kg/lit
  • Color : white
  • ph : 8-10
  • Volume solid : approx 40%

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